Saturday, January 5, 2008


Well, I finally got around to starting a blog. I was always hesitant to do so since blogs seemed to be (for many) a bit of a soap-box to yell from.

I realized that the blog is perfect solution to a problem that I have had over my 25 years of teaching Board Reviews to Chiropractors.

I speak to hundreds of Chiropractic students and DC's each year, either to discuss their questions or concerns about the exam, or getting feedback about their experiences with the National Boards. The problem I had was this bottle-neck; relaying the information on to our students on a timely and efficient manner...

This site is the solution to that problem.

Now I can pass on information and the experiences of people who have taken the exam to those who haven't. I will be able to address any changes or trends of the Board. You can also ask questions, or post your experiences or insight to help others.

I am excited about the potential of this forum.

If you will be taking the exam, you might pick up that one tip that will make the difference in your test. And with your input, if you have taken the exam, we help others in their last hurdle for licensing.

So feel free to post your questions and comments. Or start another thread detailing your experience with the test

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