Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Final preparation for x-ray

Finally finished the Part 4 Reviews and Florida! it has been a hectic 6 weeks of constant lectures. I still have a mini x-ray class tonight. I have had little time to post all I wanted to write.

I know, been totally remiss in updating this blog. Oh well, better late than never...

Regarding the x-ray exam: 
1) Make sure you know your radiographic signs. Know what the signs are for. At this point don't worry about what the signs look like, or how to identify them. The key is to know which answers are bogus and which are relevant to the condition.
2) Remember that history is key. The age and sex is important to note as you will be able to eliminate a few detractors. Obviously the history may be the most important clue to your answer.
3) Stick with the test-taking strategies that I covered in the Review. Decide which side of the equation you want to answer first. That will give you diagnostic leverage to the rest of the question.
4) Expect more "mainstream" conditions. Don't look for the oddball, low call conditions. Remember, the Board's objective is to test you on things "commonly encountered in practice". They are not out to trick you or test you on the bizarre. If you haven't heard the term, or don't recognize the condition, it is probably wrong. In other words, the answer is likely to be a fracture, arthritis or cancer, rather than something obscure like a Morquio's, or sickle cell anemia. 
5) Most important of all is to scan the choices first, don't scan the film. Don't look for something that is not there. Remember 2 of their answers are correct, so look for them. If it's not on a choice, it is not the correct answer.
6) Watch your time!
7) Start at the correct number on your scantron.

If you have any questions, please post it here and I will respond as soon as possible. I will be checking back several times a day over the next few days. 

I will appreciate your feedback after the test.

I will post few more thing up later over the next few days, so bookmark this page. 

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  1. Hey Dev,
    Can you post the X-Ray test 8 for us?


    Cori Seyhoon